J.Lyn’s Playlist: Loneliness, Parachutes, and Heartaches

Hi everyone! thank you for checking out my site! It’s been a long time since I worked on this page, but I hope to fill it with even more content this year.

-J.Lyn’s Playlist-

This will be a new segment where I give you folks some songs that might have an overall theme or match your current life situation, wether it be a fall out with a friend, a new growing love, or heartbreak. To start off with what the postings might look like, let me give you some music I have been listening to lately:

LONELY TOWN- VULFPECK (feat. Theo Katzman)

“Lonely Town” is reminiscent of that 70’s Mungo Jerry sound (Reference “In the Summertime”), that folk, jug band sound of the percussion with a soulful piano feel. The lyrics are slightly humorous, as he stares at a hole in the ground, shouting into the void of the local county fair. The sad reality is that we might have all come face-to-face with that type of loneliness, succumbing to it so deep that you eventually become mayor! The happy-go-lucky sound adds a satirical feel to the glum, but playful lyrics. If this doesn’t entice you to listen to more of Theo’s tracks with Vulfpeck, I recommend that you hear “Half of the Way” or, my personal favorite, “Love is a Beautiful Thing”. CHECK OUT: HILL CLIMBER BY VULFPECK


Although the original version is just as poignant as this one, the alternate version is by far the best version. the added strings and a touch of drums fills up the spaces so perfectly, and it makes the song a tinge more romantic and dramatic as well. The piano is often the star of his work, as well as the delivery of this tender vocal delivery. If you are a Beatles fan, you will certainly love Tobias’ music. This song reminds me of a reincarnation of Lennon’s sympathetic touch to his music, as well as the progression. (This song will probably show up in another one of my upcoming playlist blogs.) I am deeply saddened that we haven’t heard recent works from Tobias in a while. I feel like a collaboration with Sean Lennon needs to be arranged. If you like this song, I also recommend Sean Lennon’s “Parachute” as well.

you know what, let me include it here:


Sean Lennon is extremely underrated. Although his music does have similarity to his father, I feel like he also holds out on his own. His content is more in touch with psychedelic rock and alternative folk than John Lennon’s approach. I am upset by the fact that people were closed-minded about his content in the comments section of his content, as “Parachute” has so much whimsicality in the lyrics and great chorus that vividly creates a “circus” of sounds.

I am glad that this thread of songs all cohesively played out, because Andy Shauf is a perfect person to include last on this list:


Andy Shauf’s “The Party” deserves more talk and recognition. His whole album describes the ongoing events of a party, as time elapses through Andy’s head. I feel like I am overstimulated by all the events going on and at the same time, at peace with being the onlooker. In “To You”, Andy treats his lyrics like a dialogue in a play. He uses this time to confront his feelings to a friend. However, things suddenly get awkward. In the middle of the song, you hear the tension of the instruments build up in the second verse. When he brushes off his indirect confession, he disappointingly realizes that his love was one-sided. I’ve been there too, Andy (which is probably why I have a deep affinity for this song).

And that is all for now, folks. I hope you like the suggestions and tune into the other playlists I make! – J.Lyn

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