J.Lyn Playlist: My Rain Playlist (R&B ver.)

Hey again! this is J.Lyn.

It has been (miraculously) raining in California, and I absolutely love it. My soul has been re-lifted, since it has been so dry lately. It was like this in January of last year too… I guess it only rains on this time of the year. I look forward to more rainy Januarys!

Usually, I listen to sad, ballad-like songs when it’s raining, but as I drive to school, this is more of the music I am playing in my car today.

This is all chill R&B, but eventually I want to make a folk-inspired playlist as well. maybe on another rainy day this week~

Easy- Mac Ayres

Shout out to my manager for getting me into this guy!

“He is the blue-eyed version of Babyface.” – Mom

I know a lot of people don’t like comparisons. However, my mom was onto something when she said that. That sentimental vocal delivery and sensitivity that Mac Ayres gives us is very much like the 90’s R&B we know and love, but somehow the arrangement/production of the music is made to fit today. It’s a perfect blend. At first I thought, “Oh, this song is how much he loves his girl, saying that it’s really easy to love her”, but I didn’t realize until I actually listened to the words that he actually isn’t with the girl, but in fact has a one-sided crush on her. It seems like nothing changed between him and the girl, and although the feelings were never made clear between them, He still says that loving the girl was easy. Now, hearing the song gives a whole different experience… Especially in the rain.

If anyone interpreted those lyrics differently, please let me know!

Every Kind of Way- H.E.R.


I am so happy that H.E.R. is nominated for Best Album at the Grammy Awards this year! There are so many songs from her I could put on this playlist, but this came on shuffle while I was writing, and I absolutely loved it. It represents this exact mood of the playlist, it’s so comforting driving in the rain while listening to this. The main guitar riff is so catchy that it gets stuck in your head. If you haven’t listened to her debut “EP” yet, I recommend you give it a listen, especially on a gray day like this. It’s much like drinking chicken noodle soup: very minimal in production and so personal with the lyrics. She has a song for every situation… in every kind of way.

Jooyoung- Dive

HERE is that k-pop curveball! (Well, K-R&B… but same difference)

Jooyoung is really underrated in the K-R&B world in my opinion. His current album didn’t make much of a wave as I thought it would. Maybe it’s because of his time in the military before coming back, maybe it’s because his music is finally becoming something to his liking rather than a company forcing him to sing and dance like an idol would…

Jooyoung has always been putting out mature and soulful content, and in each era he evolves so cohesively. He channels more of that current R&B vibe of today with songs like “Dive”. It’s slow, but still has those nice hooks and I never get tired of hearing his beautiful singing voice.


Just- Zion.T and Crush

Zion.T and Crush is the peanut butter and jelly of the Korean R&B scene. This beat and production is so amazing that I even got my brother hooked on this song. It’s so light like snow in the music video, but to me it sounds like more of something you put on when you are driving out in the rain towards the city. Both of them are smooth but in different ways: Zion.T. has this unique singing voice that works for the content he writes, and Crush has voice for a diverse range of styles (from ballad to R&B) and consistency that just adds to any collaboration he does. I hope they continue to make more music together. I love their music separately, but nothing compares to their duo music. If you like this, check out “Two Melodies” too.

(JUST ADDED) Snoh Aalegra- I Want You Around


Good for both rainy days and nice sunny drives. just a feel-good R&B track that is great for being wistful about a loved one. Snoh Aalegra has been killing it in the R&B game and it’s about time! I have followed this amazing and beautiful woman five years ago. I am glad she is gaining more recognition.

We Find Love- Daniel Caesar

Daniel Caesar’s “We Find Love” feels like a closure song. It feels like something at the end of a movie, the end of a chapter closing in on a book, and absolutely perfect for that point of moving on. This closure gives you hope that the next journey that begins will be a better one, or at least, a new experience. Life goes on after something tragic. The chorus of people that come in at the end gives me that hopeful feeling too. It’s this sort of happy-sad that makes it a great song to end out this playlist. Although this rain feels like the middle of a story, it might be time for you to listen to this song, especially if you are at the point of moving on.

BONUS: J.Lyn- Flying by Candlelight (Above and Beyond Cover)

I had to put some type of plug in there. I know it’s not the best, all I have are the Ableton starting plug-ins, but I hope to develop this into something great and polished soon.

That’s it for this week’s J.Lyn playlists! Hope I can find time to make that folk playlist. Have a relaxing time playing these songs in the rain!

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