Music Industry Talks: The Grammy Goes to…

Every year, the Grammy results shock a lot of people negatively and positively.

There are a few who come out of the shadows and take home that big Grammy (or shall I say, four damn Grammys) they very-so deserve, like Kasey Musgraves.

Kasey is not new to the country scene. Above, “Merry Go Round” is her most well known work by fans, as it is the perfect description for people who have lived in that small-town life. To connect so well to people in a way that is honest and cleverly written is hard for many writers today, even though it may seem like it’s easy. Believe, me, I am an aspiring songwriter of 13 years and feel like I haven’t achieved this yet.
I mean, to introduce your album with an amazing and personal autobiography of your life in “Golden Hour”? Genius. Only few people have a good way with words.  Go check out “Slow Burn” at the top of this list. You will not regret it.

Kasey Musgraves has something not a lot of other artists have, and that is to write good lyrical content that not only resonates with people, but can be loved by many who claim that they don’t listen to country music. You go girl! You deserve that Grammy!


You might have been one of those people who thought “Cardi B? Why did she win Best Rap Album?”

Honestly, when I think of the team behind that album and not just her, I never get upset about any of the results. Not only did Cardi B win, but it’s her whole team that gets the Grammy too. Every person included on the making of the album gets a plaque or something to hang on the wall sent by the Grammy Team.


Leslie actually shared a cool story on mixing for her. One day she came into the studio saying she didn’t like something about the mix, but she couldn’t explain it, and her team had to go through a few people to realize what the hell she was trying to say. Leslie finally came in and Cardi was like “I DONT KNOW, IT JUST GIVES ME A HEADACHE.” it made her feel dizzy. He finally realized that she was talking about the panning that went back and fourth in the background.
also, check out this interview by the guy who produced “Money” and “Bodak Yellow” for her. He attempted suicide and battled through so many hardships in his life, and I am glad that he kept going and everything just fell into place for him:
Long story short, knowledge and communication goes a long way. Not saying you need to go to college, but at least learn all the essential elements and terms about the field you are working in. That is why I am in school right now.
However, if you just make good music, sometimes that is all you need to do. Find a team that works well with your artistic vision. Congrats to everyone involved on that album!

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