J.Lyn’s Playlist: K-Pop Talk! (pt. 1)

J.Lyn’s Playlist: My Favorite Kpop Songs so far

Hi Everyone!

AHH YES, K-pop.

You love it, or you don’t vibe with it. If you are really not in the mood to venture out into K-pop yet, I will not force you! However, if you wanna see what I am listening to these days, THANK YOU for stepping into the dark side! You also added ten points to my happiness scale! Here is my current k-pop playlist:


CLC goes so hard on the bad-ass concept that any other “girl-crush” concepts look like bunnies and rainbows. This song is about being comfortable in the way you dress and not letting anyone tell you how to handle yourself… Damn. Snaps all around!

FACT TIME: Girl crush is a “bad-ass” style of concept of Kpop. Kpop often has specific themes or concepts with each album release, which makes Kpop all the more fun to listen to! Not to mention that choreo… I miss dancing!



this group just debuted and their song went HARD! I don’t think any girl group has made me want to follow them so fast before. At first, I thought it might just be the music from a great production team, or Lia Kim’s choreography that made this team special. However, when I saw the rehearsal for “Bon Bon Chocolat”, all of the members are really charismatic and have their own unique charms. And although many people say that about their own favorite girl groups, I stand by this as an objective fact.

Any thoughts about Yena from IZ*ONE joining this group after the contract ends??

Monsta X- Play it Cool

Wait, they collabed with Steve Aoki? Hell yes.

Update: they are singing in English? and it’s not as cringey as english versions usually are??? YES!

Monsta X is known for their powerful, intense concepts, but I love it when they do a contrasting song like this. The song fits so well with their vocals and all of them shined timbrally with this song. Plus, the main rapper got to showcase his vocals as well!

If you guys don’t know, I love artists from a company called Starship. Although I don’t agree sometimes on their marketing plans *COUGH* SISTAR *COUGH* they somehow knew about all of my favorite artists and put them under a big fat company umbrella.

Sudden Realization #1: When you are fans with a Kpop or Kpop group, sometimes people stan a company instead of a single artist. This is not really common in America. Do you ever hear someone say “Oh, I am a fan of Atlantic Records artists”? Well, not really. At least, not in my conversations.


I became friends with one of the members by pure chance. (I feel like somehow, the world puts people together for a reason!) It was through the most unexpected time and place too, the environment wasn’t even through music. The last day I ever saw her, we talked a long time about our own journeys in music. That is when it hit me… singers, idols, artists, they are all just regular people. It should be obvious right? But I realize that I have been idolizing people and building ideals on real-life people just because they had some type of public status.   

Anyways, now she is my “bias” (AKA my favorite member) because of the fateful encounter and I instantly became a fan when I got to listen to her group’s music! And she told me that some of the members produce their own songs!

I decided to go with their most popular song because I am introducing Kpop to some people who probably have never even heard of K-pop. (although “We Like” has been stuck in my head for a month now…)

Honorable Mention

Luna- Galaxy

Another fateful encounter I met through a mutual friend! I went on a trip to Nashville and thanks to the awesome Mike, I got to meet a songwriter named ADARA. She and her company write for SM Entertainment and even do electronic music here in the States. She wrote this song for the crazy talented LUNA. Thank you Adara for treating me and my friend to breakfast! She was one of the kindest and most genuine people ever.

until next time! A big thank you to everyone who read this 😀

– J.Lyn

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