J.Lyn’s Playlist: Synth Pop and Female Power

If you love the Synth-Pop sound of recent years, this playlist is for you!

This is a playlist of all female artists, and all of these songs have been on repeat on my playlists. Some artists you might not have heard about, some are well-known artists I’ve admired since childhood.

The Aces- Volcanic Love

Shout out to Alexa for introducing me to this one!

These lovely ladies are all friends starting back from high school days in Provo, Utah. They have opened up for 5SOS and participated in many other festivals and concerts. They are signed to Red Bull Records and all of them have a designated instrument that they play in the band. But despite having an instrumental duty to the band, they all sing, and equally contribute their vocals to the band, and that is my favorite part about them. Their voices blend so well together and they all can hold their own vocally, which is really special, since I can’t really name other bands who can do that.

If you are interested in getting to know them, I will put their names down below:

  • Katie Henderson – guitar and vocals
  • McKenna Petty – bass and vocals
  • Alisa Ramirez – drums and vocals
  • Cristal Ramirez – lead vocals and guitar (yes, I have taken this off of wikipedia)

Aly and AJ- Church

Are you a Disney Channel Baby? This is a major throwback for you!

There is a wave of childhood nostalgia coming back recently- especially with bands “disney channel” teens grew up on. Jonas Brothers are back on the scene but even before that, little did people know that the Michalka sisters were still on their wave. This sound change fits perfectly for them and they rock the 80’s synth pop vibe! If you don’t believe me, listen to their last album called “Ten Years”. I love the team that they are working with. This is sibling goals for sure!

Ruti- Racing Cars

Ruti is the recent winner of Britain’s “The Voice”. From the start of her journey on the show, she has been the one to watch, as her vocal tone and quality is unlike any other contestant. In my opinion, she was flawless in every single performance on the show. If I could find a metaphor for her voice, I would say it’s like clear water: pure, so delicate, yet powerful. I am glad she has stopped with the covers and found a new sound that embraces her vocal quality.

If you want to hear any more of her, listen to her cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”!

Robyn- Honey

in speaking of relevance, Robyn is relevant any time of the day, year, decade, century… (okay, as you can see, I am a huge fan!)

Many girls admire Beyonce, Mariah Carey, or Ariana Grande growing up. For me, my idol was Robyn!

She is definitely a cyborg from another world. I have been a fan ever since I saw a girl do a solo performance of “crash and burn” at a dance competition. I immediately took out shazam, but it didn’t work. I spent three years looking for that song! when I finally did, I realized it was Robyn, singer of her well known track “Dancing on my Own”. I went on a marathon after that. Robyn exudes many emotions that feel so honest. She can be exude confidence (Call your girlfriend), become a bad-ass with snoop dogg (You should know better), or she can be sentimental and heartbroken (Be Mine is a great track).

She has been an icon for the LGBTQ+ community as well. The best part of all: she has this androgynous feel to her which I love so much!! Please check her out because one song does not do justice to her name.

BONUS: Frou Frou- Hear Me Out

I have always been a surface fan of Imogen Heap (I was more familiar with Frou Frou), but now it’s for me to dive in to her music a little bit more.

if you ever heard of the acapella “Hide and Seek”, Frou Frou is associated with the same girl. Frou Frou is her prior band with Guy Sigsworth. Guy actually intended for frou frou to be a name that produced for other artists, but when he met Imogen Heap, Heap was trying to find a new ground on music, and the collaboration happened naturally and fruitfully. I can definitely hear elements from both of them in the sound of their tracks. Frou Frou actually has been sampled in a few hip-hop tracks, like Wiz Khalifa and ASAP Rocky.

That’s it for now folks! Let me know if you liked this particular series and I’ll find more awesome synth-pop tracks to share with you all. Peace! – J.Lyn

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