Pop Goes the World! Denmark (J.Lyn Playlist)

Denmark is putting out some great music!

This danish playlist is mixed with people you probably never heard before (but you should), and some that are making global headlines already. Let’s work our way from the underrated to the highly-deserved global artists:


Liss has been on my radar ever since Japanese producer Cornelius has talked about these guys. Their sound is so fresh and yet nostalgic. It’s been around three years since they have released something new and yet, their sound never left them. Their melodies have their trademark sound and Sorem’s voice is so distinctive that you know it’s him singing. There is something so charming about the enunciation of his words.

Above is Liss’ newest single “Reputation”. Below is one of their most recognizable songs “Sorry”. They are currently releasing the rest of their EP soon. I really hope they tour back in North America too!


Alex Vargas

Do you recognize Alex Vargas’ voice anywhere? If you are an electronic music fan, more specifically Above and Beyond’s fan, then you definitely recognize this rich, dynamic voice. Vargas is a frequent vocalist for Above and Beyond and got his name spread over through featuring in many of their songs like “Sun and Moon”, “Alone Tonight”, and many others. But Alex Vargas also can stand out on his own with music that is just as deep as his vocals. I brought two different examples of his abilities: one of him stripping down his song to guitar and loop, and another song that shows the different dramatic textures he can lay on his tracks. Both styles definitely compliment him and he is truly a gifted writer.


And now we go onto the more recognizable names. I have just gotten into MØ, as she frequently collaborates with many electronic names like Snakehips and is featured on many of the majestic casual playlists. She exudes punk and grit in her image and her presentation, but her voice is very addicting to hear.

It amazes me how underrated she still is, as she has the voice and the writing chops. Anyone who is a fan of Electronic/ Synth Pop, or even a fan of the current world sensation Billie Eilish, I definitely recommend you listen to MØ.

Lukas Graham

And for the most recognizable one on this list- Lukas Graham. At first I thought Lucas Graham was the name of a singer/ songwriter, but it’s actually the name of the band. Magnus Larsson is the Bassist and Mark Falgren is the drummer. Lukas Forchhammer’s name is in the band name and is the leading vocalist of the group. All of them have been in the band since 2011. Lukas also, like everyone on this list, has a recognizable voice. This ballad “7 Years” has been an international hit with its poignant lyrics and catchy opening line that makes even my ten year old sister sing this song without knowing the context of it.

Lukas Graham also has really great music that is more upbeat in sound as well, like “Love Someone”.

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