A man who is afraid of love
doesn’t know the recklessness of his own words
a boy who wields a sword
but doesn’t know how to attack
he only uses it to protect himself

I thought I could put down his sword
make him surrender
I never would have thought
that the battle would upset me this much

I can’t find his weakness
although I observe his movements
should I learn to give up
the battles I can’t fight?


what kind of shadows do you hide
in the light that you emit?
a smile can be misleading
your gentle words don’t ease me

you reflect rays of the sun
because your heart is made of glass
so fragile and easy to be broken
forever you want it to remain
untouched, on the shelf forever

can you let me
pick up these shards
let me arrange the pieces
and stain them for my windows
maybe the light won’t be so strong
the shadows will be lovely
and you won’t be so unsure anymore