J.Lyn Playlist: Recent Findings

Hello again!

It is a holiday weekend for me (although I have to work my part-time job all three days… it’s alright though. Trying to pay off some bills).

I’ve had random moments of the week, discovering really great music for you all to listen to. A lot of these are really sentimental and more towards the indie-side of things. Is it because I have been quite emotional post-valentine’s day? Not really sure. Anyways, here are the three that I have discovered that blew my mind:

The Fresh Preps- Do We Let Go (Waiting)


If you didn’t tell me who these guys were, I would have thought they were one of the biggest indie groups that are out now. The quality– from the songwriting to the mixing and mastering of this song– is just superb, and the lyrics and the vocal delivery tug on all my fragile heartstrings. Just wow.

I met the Fresh Preps at the Hawaii Songwriting Festival in 2016. I was happy to know that they too were a band from Hawaii! I apologize to Daniel for not doing that collaboration with you. However, from the looks of it, you don’t need me at all, these songs are so good coming out from just the both of you guys. If there are more songs like these up in your sleeve, your future is looking so bright. Please Support Hawaii Talent!!

The Paper Kites- Don’t Keep Driving

Thank you to YouTube Recommendations!

For some reason, the Paper Kites’ lead singer reminds me of someone I knew in Hawaii. Man, nostalgia.

Maybe it’s due to that old school sound of the guitar, reminiscent of those songs in the John Hughes movies. Maybe it’s that luscious, but chill vibe that these guys have. I absolutely love the lyrics in this song. “There’s nothing wrong with a little space, but not right now. Don’t leave.” Man, that is so romantic. It makes me want to actually have a real relationship to remember nostalgically about. Imagine driving to this while the sun sets on the interstate.

I will be listening to The Paper Kites a lot more.

You know I am a sucker for acoustic piano ballads.

This song is so relatable in vast measures. We’ve all had our hearts broken like this (unless you haven’t, which is great, you lucky bummer.) This guy is taking you to this bittersweet conversation with this girl who clearly doesn’t appreciate him. Yeah Finneas, it is nice to loves someone who lets you break them twice. I think he and I both know that there is some type of beauty to this twisted, broken type of heartbreak. That beauty, my friend, is the power of songwriting.

I wish I could introduce you to more great music, but I will have to end it here and get ready for work. Thank you all for listening once more!


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